Thursday, July 23, 2015

Donald Trumps Them All: The Candidate Conundrum

With over a dozen Republican presidential contenders vying for the White House in 2016, it's almost like going to the ice cream parlor--there's a lot of flavors to choose from; but do you stick to what you like, or do you try something new? Among the so far 16 choices there's one flavor sticking out from the rest that is tempting; even though the fat content might have you regretting your decision the next day. 

Conservatives, Moderates, and or Establishment/RINO Republicans make up this motley clutch of contenders. Naturally, a dyed in the wool Conservative interested in real job creation and restoring America's dignified, respected, and in certain cases, even feared place in the world is what most of us want--and what this country needs if it is to get back on track.

George W. Bush was not a Conservative, but ran as if he was, and won two elections for it. Since then, the GOP has continued to push Moderate/Establishment types masquerading as Conservatives as their guy, and both times (McCain and Romney) they lost. Clearly, voting in the first black president was an historic event, and an easy win. Unfortunately, said president intentionally threw a beautiful opportunity into the garbage, opting instead to set the country back some 50 years in a bid to recreate the 1960s all over again. So, after the Democrats raping of the Constitution, and disregard for what the three branches of government actually mean, they inadvertently gave Republicans full Congressional control in 2014. With no sign of following the laws the president himself signed off on, the radicals currently ruining the country are on track to essentially give the Republicans the White House in 2016 on their treachery alone. Sadly, the Republicans are on track to once more snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

We're two weeks from the first Republican debates and the GOP show signs of preferential treatment for yet another Moderate--in what seems to be, despite failing at this schtick twice in a row, another example of history hellbent on repeating itself.

However, considering we are currently re-living the 70s and Jimmy Carter's single-term disaster (but with an even more damaging second term on top of it), we should be on course to experience an eight year oasis brought about by another Ronald Reagan (*cough* Ted Cruz *cough*).

Still, a kink has been thrown into the chain of candidates, and that kink is in the form of businessman, pop culture personality, and all-around rich guy, Donald Trump.

The current GOP presidential pool makes up the following: you've got Conservatives (for small government, lower taxes) on one side; Establishment Republicans (for big government, Democrat-Lite) on the other; and in the middle you've got the enigma that is Donald Trump.

At the moment, Trump is leading in the polls, well ahead of other, far better presidential contenders. Interestingly enough, the media is seemingly obsessed with Trump and the controversy he's brought with him. For a Democrat, this sort of outrageous behavior would be celebrated (Bill Clinton's sex scandal; Joe Biden's lapsing mental faculties and vocal missteps) or even swept under the rug (Hillary's laundry list of scandals). It's difficult to ascertain whether or not the Left-dominated media is trying to take Trump out with all the attention, hoping he'll eventually crash and burn; or if they're trying to use him to destroy the Republican Party--which will save Obama a lot of trouble for the remainder of his term, allowing him to focus on the continuing transformation of the country into something Mao or Che would approve of.

Meanwhile, over in the Republican Party, Trump is being viewed as an embarrassment. It's reminiscent of the GOP attacking and undermining the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party, the movement that got them landslide victories in 2012 and 2014; only they did that in veritable autonomy--with Trump, they're not hiding their disdain. 

Admittedly, Trump is turning the presidential race into a sideshow with each passing day, but it's not without its advantages (or disadvantages depending on your point of view). Trump has managed to do something no other candidate has done up to this point, which I'll point out in just a bit.

The Don has "stepped in it" a few times with his inarticulate, unorthodox method of speech. Only the brown on his boots has been cleanly wiped away each time. Still, many say Trump is hurting the party while many more are rallying behind him for the very display he's putting on. It should be obvious to the non-stubborn on the Right, that after 7 years of a do-nothing, Liberal lap-dog GOP, Republicans don't need Trump to damage them; if anything, the GOP needs to learn from Trump and grow a pair--since the Left won't let them have their balls back.

Over a month ago, The Don was rolled over the coals by both the Left and Right for comments he made regarding illegal immigrants. Trump stated that, "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending the best. They're not sending you, they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they're telling us what we're getting."

It didn't take long till many in the media began shouting the Left's favorite Trump card, the Race Card. The Don's comments were deemed insensitive, stupid, racist, inaccurate, etc. The long knives were pulled out from all directions: the Right because they became terrified their party was in jeopardy, and the Left because their precious illegal base are key to their re-election campaigns. Despite the backlash, Trump refused to back down. Like clockwork, another useful piece of the Lib arsenal was brought out--the boycott. Say something the Left doesn't like and petitions begin surfacing like product on a conveyor belt. Basically, the brash billionaire had to be bullied into submission. Businesses associated with Trump began dropping him one after the other. It appeared the first GOP candidate was on his way to being taken out. But that's not what happened.....

Undeterred, Trump STILL did not back down. He displayed defiance in the face of this FIRST backlash, all the while reiterating a number of times how rich he was (the Left hates the rich even though a large contingent of the wealthy are democrats), and his pompous disinterest in how many businesses cut ties with him. 

Amazingly, he stayed the course with his illegal immigrant comments. Of course, his remarks were not inaccurate, and their veracity was reinforced--using one example--when a young San Francisco woman was shot dead, in broad daylight, by an illegal immigrant who'd been deported some five times prior. Now, the media, corrupt and in the Administration's pockets as they are, were forced to either cover this, or move on to something else. By sticking to his guns, Donald Trump had turned the tables on the mainstream, Left-wing dominated hierarchy, throwing their attacks back in their faces. Had it been anybody else, most likely they would have relented--as normally is the case--apologized and begged for the media masses forgiveness; and those without journalistic integrity would have moved on to the next target.

Trump's defiance and "reality" show theatrics have thus far remained the central focus of the Republican presidential race. The media is absorbed in Trump mania. Even when interviewing other candidates, reporters instead place great emphasis on Trump. They show no interest in their policies, or what they intend to do if they get into the White House. They only seem interested in what other candidates think of Trump. Truth be told, the mainstream media has never been interested in what Republicans and Conservatives think; the sole intention is to take them out. There is even a conspiracy floating around that Trump is a Democrat plant working with Hillary to split the party, while ensuring a clear path for her since her cold, robotic delivery, and inability to tell the truth is proving to be a hindrance. But unlike the very wealthy Hillary Clinton, the even more financially successful Donald Trump is connecting with the average American.

The reason Trump is resonating with so many Americans is that he doesn't talk like a politician, nor does he demonize success. He doesn't have to pretend he's not rich, nor bemoan that Libocritical mainstay that the rich are somehow stealing from the poor. He flaunts his success and wealth. He talks like one of us laymen would talk. His lingo takes the form of every bit of frustration the country has felt these last several years; and not solely relegated to the lawlessness of this Administration, but the impotence of the Republican Party; especially since they were given overwhelming voter support to stop Comrade Obama and his cohorts from further mutilation of the Constitution. Further, it is the GOP's fault that they have a Trump on their hands right now. Had they done what we the voters had elected them to do, we likely wouldn't have The Don taking up vasts amount of airtime right now. Moving on....

Things certainly looked bleak last week when the Don further fanned the flames of controversy on July 18th, 2015 leveling condescending remarks towards 2008 Presidential contender, Senator John McCain. Citing his preference for war heroes who weren't captured, Trump stirred the ire of most of his Republican colleagues despite McCain firing the first shot with his "crazies" comment. McCain may have served admirably in Vietnam, but he's shown himself to be no ally for the Conservative base. 

While we're on this subject, it's of interest to point out the blatant Libocrisy from 2008 when the Left attacked McCain's war record during his own presidential bid. But I digress....

The general consensus was that Trump and his abrasive wordplay wouldn't get out of this one unscathed. Yet again, Trump emerged with no damage done to his image. The Don's next stunt would surely be his undoing, right?

Lindsey Graham, closet Liberal, big government, GOP presidential hopeless, referred to Trump as a "Jackass" in lieu of his fiery statements. Trump responded in kind by calling Graham an "idiot", and giving out his personal cell phone number in front of a crowd in South Carolina last week. Personally, the giving out the phone number was taking things too far, treading into juvenile territory. Needless to say, nobody cares about Lindsey Graham so this bit of business has been largely ignored in comparison. Trump's unstoppable momentum continues to roll on.

Take Trump's visit today to the US-Mexican border for example. A reporter from the far, far left "news" channel, MSNBC tried to throw a curve ball at Trump regarding his comments on what the reporter referred to as immigration. Trump quickly shut him down proclaiming, "No, no, no, we're talking about ILLEGAL immigration.... That's a typical case of the press with misinterpretation. They take a half a sentence, they take a quarter of a sentence, and they put it all together... you're finished."

Moreover, Trump's tactics are worrisome. How far will he go? How far CAN he go? It should be noted that, while the Right has never had a boisterous candidate like Trump before, the same has been discovered about Obama. The United States of America has never seen such a radical president who, after seven years of destructive policies, has nearly sunk the country both socially and economically. The difference between the two is that Obama had to hide who he really was to get elected. Trump has always been loud, abrasive, and ego-centric. It remains to be seen if Trump's outlandish propensities continue to serve him with the public. Other than vocalizing voter vexation, he hasn't even laid out what his policies would be.

For the time being, his popularity is growing. For every blowhard statement Trump makes, his followers cheer and applaud that much louder. As specified above, it's as if the silence and complacency of the GOP towards the administration's continuous Constitutional violations has created a vacuum by which Trump has become the People's Champion. He speaks like them. He acts like them.

In 2012, the Divider in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, shockingly declared to his followers that they should vote for revenge--"voting is the best revenge". Trump's curious rise in the polls and preference by the people is, in essence, a revenge vote. The president has failed the country. The GOP has failed its voters. For all the calamity this dangerous president has wrought and will bring for two terms, Trump represents all the frustration the populace has rightly felt over the government ignoring the rule of law, while picking and choosing which laws to enforce, and bullying those who disagree with them. The country doesn't need a revenge vote. It needs leadership.... something that has been lacking for far too long. Wild card Donald Trump may quickly lose his flavor like a stick of gum; or he may end up surprising and shocking a great many people by providing that leadership that has been conspicuous in its absence these last seven years.

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