Thursday, February 25, 2016

True Lies: Donald J. Trump's Honesty Issues

"I will be changing very rapidly. I'm very capable of changing into anything I want to change to."--Donald Trump to Greta Van Susteren relating to his campaign tactics, February 10th, 2016.

Ever since the Republican controlled Congress won in two landslide mid-terms, they have proven not only to be ineffectual in doing what they were voted in to do, but gave their voters who put them in power the proverbial middle finger. This has, in turn, given birth to a vast distrust in government over the lawlessness and vast social/racial divide relentlessly perpetuated by a radically far left administration guided by one Barack Hussein Obama, a former Senator and Community Organizer. As stated HERE, this turnaround of ignoring 'We the People' in favor of 'We the Government' has created an unhealthy miasma of anger that gave rise to the most unorthodox presidential candidate in history. Ironically, Donald Trump has, in a very short time, shown himself to be as divisive as his far left counterpart, Barack Hussein Obama; even more shocking is that this division is largely relegated within the Republican Party.

Donald J. Trump's allure is in how he says things--he says things the way the average, everyday American would say them; there's no political jargon attached, just raw, inarticulate verbiage. Having been a liberal for years, he now identifies himself as a Conservative; despite more and more reiteration of leftist leanings, primary of these being his insistence of having a single-payer healthcare system. The passage and subsequent destruction of Obama-care is one of the public's frustrations with Congress--they promised to defund it (the House controls the money) and time and again failed to do so. 

How ironic that Trump supporters (among many disgruntled Americans), angry that this anarchic president and his radical administration have continuously trampled the Constitution, are now championing a man who is in favor of some of the very things they want no part of. Under closer inspection, there's a lot of similarities between Trump and admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders.

For the purposes of this article, Trump supporters think he's a straight-shooter; he "tells it like it is"; and is the only one who can solve Washington's problems despite stating multiple times he's going to make deals with the very politicians Trump supporters are furious at. With immigration being such a hot issue, most Trumpers seem solely concerned with his constant loop of "We're gonna build a wall", yet he never specifies how he intends to do this aside from making "Mexico pay for it". Maybe it's a magic wall that builds itself? 

Actually, Trump has yet to divulge how he intends to do anything he says he's going to do; all we know is "it's gonna be great", and "we're gonna love it".

Well before Trump ever claimed he would shake up DC, Ted Cruz has long stood against Washington's corrupt system (this is where that whole spiel of nobody up there liking him comes into play). Unlike Trump, he has precisely laid out exactly what he intends to do and how he intends to do it. He has a record of upholding the Constitution, and unwavering patriotism for causes that are important to true Conservatives. 

In the interim, Trump and that other progressive RINO (Republican In Name Only), Marco Rubio (who, no matter how hard he tries to pass it off onto Cruz, is still one of the authors of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill), have enlisted Saul Alinsky tactics to successfully put a dent in Ted Cruz's ascension. What better, if dirty, method to attack Cruz since his entire campaign revolves around his integrity (TrusTED)? As Alinsky wrote, "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it". The Democrats have used it successfully for years.

Before we get to select examples of the mendacious nature of Donald Trump, let's recap what led to his (and Rubio's) Alinsky-inspired Cruz-sade.

After the Iowa Primary, Trump and Rubio, with a lot of assist from Fox News, or FNC (the Forget Nominating Cruz Channel), took advantage of alleged lies and "dirty tricks" within the Cruz campaign beginning with a CNN report that presidential candidate Ben Carson was taking a break from campaigning and flying back to Florida for, of all things, a change of clothes. Amidst the confusion, Cruz's team carelessly released information that Carson was dropping out of the race, which he was not. The short version is Cruz won Iowa and Carson's numbers went into decline (and continue to descend into the abyss). Suddenly, Trump was a voice for Carson after previously comparing him to a pedophile and referred to Iowans as stupid for believing Carson wasn't lying in an entirely separate story questioning his honesty.

Then the limp accusation of dirty tricks came in the form of a photo-shopped image taken from another political website of Rubio shaking hands with Obama. Now, the two had shaken hands before (not that it's a big deal, anyways), the point of the ad was to accentuate Rubio's working hand-in-hand with the Obama administration on certain bills like the unpopular Trade Promotional Authority deal that he was the deciding vote on. Cruz voted against it, by the way. That brings us to....

Cruz's campaign manager, Rick Tyler, now FORMER campaign manager, re-posted a video initially posted at the Daily Pennsylvanian wherein Rubio allegedly made some disparaging remarks about the Bible. Turns out the poor audio resulted in bad subtitles that didn't accurately portray the barely discernible dialog. Tyler was fired but both Trump and Rubio, with massive assist from pro-establishment network Fox News Channel, aka Forget Nominating Cruz, continued to push the "liar, liar" mantra right up to the Nevada caucus from February 23rd, 2016. 

Up to now, Cruz has refused to run, or tolerate, his campaign attacking another candidate on a personal level, only on policy. However, both Trump and Rubio have continued to hammer Cruz, labeling him as a liar while the former just makes it up as he goes along without any repercussions (yet); and the latter fails to acknowledge his own record when Cruz calls him out on it. 

Trump's lies (his personal and professional life is riddled with them) and flipflopping on issues are legion so let's look at eight of the more recent ones so we can see just who the liar really is....

1. Earlier this month in February, Trump blamed Cruz for Obama-care over a Supreme Court judge confirmation that passed in 2005 before Cruz was even in the Senate. 

2. Trump hasn't been entirely truthful about his four bankruptcies or the multitude of fabrications, questionable actions and his dealings with unsavory characters as detailed HERE.

3. Trump let loose the conspiracy theories at the SC Republican debate, Saturday, February 13th 2016 by claiming Bush lied to get the country into a war with the Middle East, knowing ahead of time there were no WMDs (actually, there were WMDs found) despite Saddam having used them and proclaiming he would use them again. Forgetting for a moment it was Clinton who warned of WMD's well before George W. Bush was president, let's remember the invasion of Iraq was a bipartisan vote to go to war after 9/11. Trump went on to say he was always against the war but comments he made on the Howard Stern Show in 2002 say otherwise.

4. In keeping with the above falsification, Trump would later claim he never said Bush lied to invade Iraq despite the words coming out of his mouth the night of Saturday, February 13th, 2016. Trump altered his Bush story yet again February 19th, 2016 by stating he doesn't know if he lied or not.

5. Another instance of outright mendacity by the one and only Donald J. Trump from that same SC debate, he lied about having hundreds of friends that died when the WTC came down on September 11th, 2001. Thus far, no one has corroborated his story, nor has Trump given names.

6. Trump's Cruz-ade to humiliate his closest rival, Ted Cruz, has heated up lately. One massive Trump whopper came February 16th, 2016 in the form of a quote attributed to Tom Coburn that he never said--stating that Cruz was "without a doubt, one of the most dishonest people in DC". Even after Coburn and others debunked this as a lie Trump went on stage and gleefully repeated it.

7. After Trump won the Nevada Caucus the night of February 23rd, 2016 he falsely claimed Cruz had left the state earlier that day while making nasty comments about him. Remember, Cruz is, according to Trump, a really nasty guy who lies A LOT. Further, neither Rubio nor Kasich were there but Cruz certainly was.

8. Trump erroneously stated on Wednesday morning's (February 24th, 2016) Fox and Friends that he had "crashed" Glenn Beck's Nevada caucus speech, embellishing what transpired and further fallaciously stating Beck stormed away in anger after everybody flocked to Trump.

Trump continues to show he's little different from the politicians his supporters rally against; but they're in so deep, their resentment prevents them from thinking clearly. A vote for Trump is little more than a revenge vote for voices that have gone unheard for nearly eight years; far too long. Unfortunately, the man they think is listening is not the Fountain of Truth they take him for.